• Complete Sets

    Use a consistent curriculum
    throughout all grades

  • Custom Illustrations

    An exciting, vibrant
    learning experience

  • All-in-one Book

    No separate textbooks,
    workbooks, or exams necessary

Schools want their students to learn. They care about the education, but it’s hard to find a curriculum that covers all the materials and is still culturally sensitive, so many schools are left using bits and pieces of different curriculums, none of which integrate smoothly. The process is overwhelming for teachers and not effective for students.

The educators behind Lighthouse Curriculum believed it could — and should — change. It’s possible for an education to tick all the boxes and be:


for teachers to teach, for students to learn, and for schools to implement


covering all elementary years


giving students a solid grasp of the content they need to master

Chapter by Chapter

Know exactly where your students are holding and ensure that they keep
mastering skills in an organized way.

What's inside each book?

Instead of separate workbooks and textbooks, students have everything
they need in one place:


comprising of 8 lessons and 8 exercise sheets

as well as an inclusive review for each chapter

Lighthouse Curriculum uses a scaffolded approach to learning. The curriculum systematically builds on what the students already know. By using existing knowledge as the foundation for the next set of skills, students internalize and retain more information. Each book is divided into chapters with individual lessons. Master one chapter completely and then use it to reach the next.


The curriculum covers everything that students need to learn — without the distraction of unnecessary information.

For New and
Seasoned Teachers

There’s no need for teachers to be overwhelmed with sifting through the curriculum. The books have clear, concise lesson plans and exact scripts, which teachers from any range of experience can use.


The vibrant, custom-illustrated books are filtered to bypass topics that some schools prefer to avoid.

Thorough Review

Review is a critical part of each student’s retention. Consistent, effective review is built into the curriculum several times — at the start of each lesson, the end of each chapter, and the beginning of each new book.

Practice and

All features are built right into the books. The books include practice and assessments, saving teachers from having to create their own. The practice is thorough but not overwhelming, allowing students to move along to the next chapter without getting caught in excessive review.

Online Resources

In the event that teachers feel extra resources are warranted, they can access additional review sheets, teacher’s resources, and assessments through our online portal or USB.

Everything teachers need to teach.
Everything students need to learn.

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The next chapter of success

We want your transition to Lighthouse Curriculum to be seamless. One of our many experienced educational coaches can come down to your school and coach you through the process to make it as easy as possible.

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